Sunnyside Farm Yukon


Sunnyside Farm grows its produce using greenhouses, caterpillar tunnels and two large garden areas. We use drip irrigation system to conserve water. Produce varies with the season, but most years you can find varieties of greens, carrots, beets, tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, onions, peas, beans, radishes, herbs and garlic. Call or email for a list of what is currently available.


  1. Where is your farm located? Our farm is located in the Ibex Valley, just west of Whitehorse city limits.
  2. Do you use chemical pesticides, herbicides or fertilizers on your produce?  No. We only use natural sources of soil amendments including organic fertilizer, and well composted manure.
  3. Is any of your produce grown from GMO seeds? No. We do not purchase GMO seeds.
  4. Is your farm a diversified operation, with many product varieties? Yes. We believe that diversified crops are integral to pest management, soil health and food security.