Sunnyside Farm Yukon


Sunnyside Farm raises a small flock of turkeys for sale each fall. Our turkeys enjoy the summer outside on our pasture safely tucked into portable houses with an electric fence. This ensures they can be protected from predators and access clean, fresh pasture grass each day.

Your Questions Answered:

  1. How is your poultry raised? On pasture, indoors, confined? Our poultry is raised in movable pens on pasture ensuring they have fresh grass to eat every day in addition to their food and water.
  2. How much time does your poultry spend outside? Our poultry spends 24 hours a day outside, with covered areas for roosting and getting out of the weather.
  3. What do you feed your poultry? We purchase feed for our poultry from Yukon Grain Farm. They are also fed garden and vegetable scraps and anything they find growing in their yard.
  4. Are they given hormones, steroids or other growth promoters? No. We believe our poultry should mature naturally.