Sunnyside Farm Yukon


Sunnyside Farm raises Brown Leghorns and sells small quantities of fresh eggs directly to local customers. Our hens enjoy a heated coop that protects them from extreme temperatures and provides them with a mixture of natural and artificial light. There is also a large natural area outdoors where they are protected from predators and can enjoy “doing what chickens do” 🙂



Your Questions Answered:

  1. How are your hens raised? On pasture, indoors, caged? Our hens live in a heated building with 24 hour access to the outdoors to -30C.
  2. What do you feed your hens? We purchase feed for our laying hens from Yukon Grain Farm. They are also fed garden and vegetable scraps and anything they find growing in their yard.
  3. Are the hens ever given antibiotics? No. Should a situation arise in the future where antibiotics were necessary, we would carefully consider the implications before making a decision.